Sussex IA

Welcome to Sussex IA which covers an area from the Chichester and Hampshire border in the West, to Rye and the Kent border in the East, South to the sea and North to the border with Surrey.

IA is the recognised patients’ association for people with an ileostomy or internal pouch and related disorders which essentially has two broad aims:

  • To provide help and support as well as general information for anyone who is about to undergo surgery for an ileostomy/internal pouch or for anyone who already has one.
  • To promote research into the cause and treatment of the diseases which result in people needing surgery and to promote developments in the surgical processes.

Those of us who have an ileostomy can feel terribly isolated and alone, especially at first, and at any time we can feel depressed about our personal circumstances. We hope that by joining ia and belonging to a local group you will be able to meet and talk with fellow sufferers as well as offer each other support and as a result come to realise that life is worth living and that there is help available for you and indeed other members of your family.

Meetings are held in various parts of the county and we like to inform everyone about the excellent stoma care support groups run by our nursing colleagues.

We have several trained listeners, all of whom are available to offer you support and advice, and can be contacted via Dave Drakeley.

Our Committee meets regularly to arrange meetings, fund raising and the dispatch of our regular newsletters. As many of our members are busy people leading full and hectic lives as well as learning to cope with their lives again after surgery, it is essential that support for your Committee is high. New members and ideas and suggestions for events are always welcome.